Our events
 Currently, we host a range of events across some areas in South London and the west midlands (working on expanding). Our services bring new positive activities into our communities help engage guide heal and motivate our youth and equip them with new skills and further themselves in a career.

Studio workshop

Our studio workshop event is a weekly event we hold within our communities. We have access to a studio for 5-10 hours on a weekend and young people can come in at arranged times to use our skills, the facilities, to take part in our musical activities, get assistance in developing their career, learning new skills, getting mentoring or assistance to help them better themselves music therapy and/or any other music-related services they may need.

Holiday workshop

Our holiday workshop event is a event we host within our communities within academic holidays for a large amount of young people in our communities. we will bring all of our equipment to these workshops and we run large-scale activities support groups, competitions lessons and more including our youth in the arts and providing positive opportunities and activities.


Careers workshop

Our careers workshop event is an event we host within our communities at selected venues. We bring equipment industry professionals from many different sectors presenting all known and unknown roles within the music industry talks from experienced people in these roles and more. This will broaden our youths known career options.

Check out our events timetable

Check out our timetable to find out where and when our next events are or contact us to book a place

We can come to your venue to host a venue also
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“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” – John Paul Friedrich Richter