Our team

We are made up of youth that are very experienced in the music industry have many industry links and are also experienced in all the problems the youth of today face. All of our team have used music to transform their lives for the better .

Sharndre has been doing music for 10+ years, after playing the piano he has been engrossed in the art of music. As sharndre has either experienced witnessed (or witnessed the effects of ) the problems our youth today he knows the support the youth needs. Sharndre escaped all of the negative problems that the youth have faced using music and skills he has learned and has a passion to share this with our youth as he believes everyone deserves to live the positive life they dream of. Sharndre is now a producer-engineer and more works with many artists and has youtube beat videos with 15k+ views.

Sharndre Simons-Brown "DRE B", 17, Pianist/guitarist/engineer/producer/mentor/director and founder of Music 2 The Youth